MISSION: Our Mission is to provide a safe environment, free from any illicit drugs or alcohol, for people with substance abuse issues. We focus on behavior modifications and are dedicated to consistency, structure, and direction in our homes. AGENCY SELF-DESCRIPTION: Introduction: Steps to Recovery Homes provides a place where people suffering from substance abuse issues could get more life skills and focus on changing behaviors. We knew that behavior modification was a key element that would give people a better chance at living a productive life and becoming healthier individuals for all of those involved. This program is based on experience and led by example. Our goal is to help foster healthy communication with all those involved and maintain a safe, structured, comfortable environment for those serious about recovery and change in their lives. We teach our clients to become fully self-supporting, surround themselves with healthy people and start helping others. Drug addiction is a huge problem in our community and our vision is to be a viable lasting solution to this problem. Some of the things we provide are:       ·        Daily life coaching ·        Gym memberships ·        Transit bus passes ·        Free laundry (including laundry soap) ·        Cleaning supplies ·        Toiletries ·        Clothes vouchers ·        Jobs ·        Linens ·        Savings plan (we match half of the money you put in!) ·        Household furniture when you transition out of our home ·        Scholarships ·        House bikes ·        Weights ·        Gardens ·        Rides to meetings ·        Rides to events ·        Direction, leadership skills ·        Internet, cable, and phone Accommodations; The Hope House provides spacious living for 14 men. There is a two bedroom apartment on the top floor which includes a living area, kitchen and a large deck. There is a two bedroom apartment on the bottom floor which includes its own living area, kitchen and a fireplace. There is a central common area available for all of our clients which include computers with internet access for job searching, bulletin boards with resources, a recovery library, and a laundry room and an additional bathroom. There is an onsite office, parking, garden, barbeque, and large back yard. Block walls and Iron Gates surround the Home and provide security. Cottonwood Area Transits and Spectrum Healthcare is within walking distance. The Gratitude House is the women’s facility and is a 7 bedroom house with a very spacious living room, kitchen, 3 full bathrooms, laundry area, computers with internet access for job searching, outside smoking area, horse shoe pits, outside fire pit, barbeque, and a very large yard. This property will house 17 women. The bedrooms are very spacious and provide a comfortable setting. The gratitude house is in the heart of Cottonwood and is within walking distance of most supermarkets, which makes it easy to get employment opportunities. There is a manager’s cottage on site and lots of room for parking. Counseling services- Spectrum – is also within walking distance.   Conclusion; We believe the assistance that we offer to our clients will be beneficial to them. By setting an example and providing direction, we know that our clients can become assets to their families. They can also become responsible, accountable and find integrity in their own lives and the eyes of the community. We understand that many people have missed certain character skills in their lives. Our program will help build these essential skills. We believe that people really do want to change, but are lacking the guidance and environment to do so. We provide that environment. We know from our own experiences that it is possible, and know we will be able to help. Steps to Recovery Homes offers a serious program for an affordable price of just $125 per week. We are also a non-profit organization and are looking for volunteers to help out.     
 Miracles Happen: We offer a win win for the community by helping people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and by giving them job skills and providing quality items at very discounted prices.  We pick up donations and all donations are tax deductible.  We are able to provide furniture and clothes to our clients through donations. All proceeds go to help the still suffering addict trying to recover.  We are always accepting donations and welcome volunteers.
Sunday, 22 January 2017


  • Street: 516 E. State Route 89A, Suite 113
  • City: Cottonwood
  • State: Arizona
  • Postcode: 86326


  • Telephone: 928-649-0077
  • Fax: 928-649-0077
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Services: Disability Services, Welcomes Volunteers
  • Sunday, 22 January 2017


Emergency Services: 911 Police, Fire and Ambulance

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